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Jul. 16th, 2010

Of course he can "stay hard the entire time." It's not just because he's so into the sex he's having with the other guy. It's because he took a viagra pill before they started filming, so he would keep an erection, whether he was turned on or not! Seriously, NOBODY stays hard for that long without some type of direct stimulation- I don't care how much you enjoy what's happening.

I swear, viagra has done far more for the porn industry than it ever could for the genuinely impotent.

fanvid: UMBRELLA

Title: Umbrella
Fandom: Star Trek 2009
Characters: McCoy/Kirk
Rating: PG-13
Song: "Umbrella" (Cover)
Artist: All Time Low 


So, there's this porn star that died last month. I was... pretty aware of him. I just found out today that he died during a police arrest, after trying to swallow a bag of pot, being tasered, and ultimately suffocating with the bag in his throat. Honestly, I don't quite know why I'm so shaken up by this, but it just... I don't even know.

The guy isn't exactly an innocent, like a whole lot of other people that died recently. But I suppose those other people are completely anonymous individuals whose names I never knew, personalities I never experienced, and faces I never saw with any kind of regularity. In the past year, a few celebrities have died as well, and I'm struck by the fact that a number of them were also due to some drug-related incident.

And it just makes me fucking angry. I don't think the answer is to just get rid of every recreational drug (though you're not going to find me partaking in any of it) but it would help if people stopped taking them for the wrong reasons, and the laws restricting some of them weren't so amazingly strict, forcing situations like this.

God, why do people have to do stupid shit?!


Title: Bathroom Break
Fandom: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Genre: Adult/Slash
Characters: Chance/Trent
Rating: NC-17
Summary: A boring day at the office is not something Chance is going to tolerate.
Author's Notes: I may be the only one insane enough to be amused by this pairing, but here it is. There are brief references to the stories "Friend" and "Link" but "Bathroom Break" still works as its own piece. Comments are awesome. Thanks for reading! 


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As much as I love me some Pryce/Chance from "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight," I can't deny that Stephen Lunsford is a hot piece. Apparently, he wants to be the new Spider-Man (which will never happen, but it would be fun if it did) and while I was looking it up, I found this pic... and I just died. I don't think he's ever looked more adorable than he does here.

And that's all I got today. >_>


Fandom: Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
Genre: Drama/Slash/Adult
Characters: Chance/Pryce
Rating: NC-17
Summary:  Chance doesn't realize how his world will change as he accepts the challenge to become a Kamen Rider.
Author's Notes: This story is a sequel of sorts to "Friend," which should probably be read before this. As before, for all intents and purposes, this fic attempts to stay within the same world as the show. Comments are awesome. Thanks for reading!  

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Choose 10 characters (preferably from the same fandom) and answer the questions that follow. No peeking until your list is done!

1.) Kirk (Star Trek)
2.) McCoy (Star Trek)
3.) Chekov (Star Trek)
4.) Sulu(Star Trek)
5.) Uhura (Star Trek)
6.) Marcus (Terminator Salvation)
7.) Kyle (Terminator Salvation)
8.) Jake (Avatar)
9.) Spock (Star Trek)
10.) Gaila (Star Trek)

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Can I just say... WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS?!

I'm not the biggest fan of the original series. I much prefer some of the later seasons (which nobody knows even exists, but whatevs). But even I thought the edits were unneeded and distracting. I mean, what is the point of adding crappy photoshop-quality backgrounds around people's heads in the middle of the scenes, or adding "BANG, POW, ZING" onto the screen during fight scenes? What little was good before is now shittastic! 

Just look at this shit!